Bardhi press conference after the Democratic Party group meeting

schedule15:11 - 5 Qershor, 2023

schedule 15:11 - 5 Qershor, 2023

At the end of the meeting of the parliamentary group of Democratic Party,  Gazment Bardhi announced that the decision made at the meeting will be published by the press office.

ABC News learns that until the election of the president, the party will be led by Gazment Bardhi and Jorida Tabaku.  In the proposal for the media, Bardhi said that only the merger makes the DP the governing alternative.

“Today, the group has made a decision regarding to Democratic Party and the processes, a position that will be announced very soon. I would like to point out that the DP group is currently the only group that has called for the unification of the democrats.

Divisions lead to the defeat of the opposition and the strengthening of the opposing party. I do not prejudge any decision of any DP institutions. The task of every the party representative will have to be strengthening, making the Democratic Party an alternative governing force in the next elections.

 It will be a historical mistake if we continue with a spirit of division.” said Bardhi.