Balluku: The attack from Iranians was a lesson for us

schedule12:43 - 22 Shtator, 2022

schedule 12:43 - 22 Shtator, 2022

“This attack was a lesson for us”, said the Minister of Energy and Infrastructure, Belinda Balluku, regarding the Iranian aggression on government portals.

Speaking from the floor of the Assembly, Balluku emphasized that the entire region is under attack and there are countries that join NATO. She called on the opposition not to make this attack a “war horse”.

Balluku admitted to the deputies that the government’s defense systems were not capable of protecting the data from the attack. According to her, Albania does not have any advanced system to protect itself from these types of attacks. Among other things, Balluku admitted that hackers have been in government systems for 14 months.

“One program is development, the other is the shield that every country needs. They have definitely stayed for 14 months. That they were invisible. We do not have advanced systems. We were not prepared for an attack of this level organized by another country. We have been in various attacks, from amateur or professional hackers. But it was impossible for us to withstand this attack.