Arrested for the murder of the former deputy, Marjan Kola’s father appeal for the released of his son

schedule11:49 - 4 Dhjetor, 2021

schedule 11:49 - 4 Dhjetor, 2021

This Saturday, the family members of Marjan Kola, who was arrested as an accomplice in the murder of former MP Pashko Ujkan in Shkodra, reacted. Relatives are demanding his release, as their son was in Kosovo the night of the murder.

“I am 87 years old and I ask the state to release my son who was caught innocent. The state must be safe, not to catch my son in vain, I am a family of martyrs, how can they catch me and keep my son inside without any evidence today. The boy was 28 and 29 was in Kosovo. With that other person they were friends, nothing else. We neither knew the victim nor had a relationship with him. “Marjani went to Kosovo for fun to buy clothes, and he has his clothes in the car”, said Ded Kola, 87 years old.

Meanwhile, Petrit Kola on the other hand says that his brother was in Kosovo when the incident happened.

“He has cameras and all the shooting ranges where he entered to shoot. Yesterday I was in Kosovo and I filed a criminal report for this work. “My brother was arrested with 30 disappointed people and we only want justice for his brother, not for the sake of anything, I want to pursue justice”, said his brother.

Meanwhile, Kristian Klemendi also fell for the murder of the former deputy on the evening of November 29./