Albanian mayor dismissed two his vice-chairperson hours before being dismissed by CEC

schedule12:31 - 7 Nëntor, 2019

schedule 12:31 - 7 Nëntor, 2019

Today is the 7th day when the Vora municipality does not have a mayor,because of  the decision of the CEC last Friday to dismiss Agim Kajmaku .

While the  President of the Republic is expected not to promulgate a repeat election most proper way  is to temporarily appoint one of the vice-chairperson as mayor.

During his 3 months in office, Kajmaku had worked with 2- vice-chairperson: Hekuran Brahimaj and Laureta Omeri.

Live on the Abc News studio, journalist Esiona Konomi said that Laureta Omeri was recommended for the task from PS deligated ,Belinda Balluku.

Kajmak’s relations with Balluku have not been good lately, and the vice mayor, Laureta Omeri, turned out to be the problem , ”the reporter said.

It was Ms. Omeri who was favored to be elected by the municipal council as a impermanent  mayor for Vora municipality.

Abc News has learned that on Friday morning, before the CEC fired him, Kajmaku went to his office and fired two vice mayor: Brahimaj and Laureta Omeri, reports

Instead, he has appointed only one vice-mayor,Gent Picari.

In this way, Kajmak removes the party from the municipal control and he assumes all his influence in the institution, not even being mayor.

The two vice-mayor have tried to declare both dismissal orders illegal, but no institution has yet revoke them. /