Albania signs the agreement on anti-Covid vaccine, experts: It will be used also on the recovered

schedule15:52 - 26 Tetor, 2020

schedule 15:52 - 26 Tetor, 2020

Albania has ready the “contract” for the provision of anti-Covid vaccine. Parliamentary committees have approved the agreement between Albania and the COVAX group to provide the anti- covid vaccine. Under the deal, the state budget will pre-pay about $ 4 million to provide the vaccine, although no one has yet been approved.

Initially, it is intended to provide a total of 1 million 140 thousand vaccines, which will be used for the most vulnerable groups such as people over 60 years, medical staff or people with concomitant diseases.

The director of the Institute of Public Health Albana Fico and the head of the Epidemiological investigation at QSUT Silva Bino, stated during the meeting of the Parliamentary Committee on Health, that vaccination will be used for those persons who have been recovered Covid -19. Bino stressed out that the fact that you have taken Covid-19 is not used as evidence whether you should be vaccinated or not as studies have shown that immunity lasts up to 5 months.

In next year’s budget, the government has programmed $ 12 million to provide the vaccine. So far, the agreement with COVAX for the provision of anti-covid vaccine has been signed by 90 countries, mainly EU member states./