Albania buys Javelin anti-tank missiles, Peleshi: We are safe, but Russian aggression forced us to modernize the armed forces

schedule13:34 - 26 Maj, 2022

schedule 13:34 - 26 Maj, 2022

The Albanian Armed Forces will be equipped with the best anti-tank missile systems “Javelin”. It was the company that manufactured these systems, Lockheed-Raytheon JV, where it announced that in addition to Norway, Latvia and Thailand, they will also produce “Javelin” for Albania.

The Minister of Defense, Niko Peleshi after the end of the government meeting said that the equipping of Albania with these missiles has been planned in advance, although he acknowledged that the Russian aggression has forced the country to increase efforts to modernize the armed forces.

It was planned in advance, before the danger started, the aggression. It has nothing to do with aggression.

 But Russian aggression in Ukraine has put us in front of a fact that is the increase of efforts and budgets for the modernization of the armed forces. If not this project, other projects are related to aggression.

Albania is safe, it is an ally in NATO. It is not that we have a concrete threat to which we must respond with our internal means. We are in NATO and NATO article 5 protects every territory of a member state,” said Peleshi.