2 victims and 12 infected during 24 hours: Hope and fear in Albania

schedule12:40 - 27 Mars, 2020

schedule 12:40 - 27 Mars, 2020

Albania has woken up with a large number of people infected with coronavirus today, and with the death toll at 8.

The Ministry of Health confirms that there have been 12 new cases in the last 24 hours bringing the total number of people infected with coronavirus to 186.

102 suspects have been tested only in the last 24 hours, in total have been tested 1 246 suspected cases.

This gives hope and seems to have come about because of the measures taken and the sacrifice of everyone being more cautious and that everyone has stayed at home.

However, the numbers will show a downward trend in the rate of coronavirus infection in Albania if they continue for a few days and citizens follow the instructions without going out./abcnews.al