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In charge of US Labor in Albania, Leyla Moses-Ones has delivered important messages today about the political situation but not only in Albania.

Moses-Ones participated in the conference “Economic Empowerment of People with Disabilities” of the Albanian Foundation for the Rights of People with Disabilities.

The diplomat emphasized the law, saying that the gap must be bridged between what is written on paper and what actually exists.

“Firstly, i want to point out  the Government of Albania to ensure that the appropriate legislation is written and enforceable. Protecting the rights of people with disabilities is an effort that should transcend party lines and unite officials in a common cause.

Secondly, I urge you as individuals to ensure that people with disabilities are given the same opportunities at work or at leisure – like the rest of society.

Be proactive – consider how to make your businesses and workplaces more accessible to people with disabilities.

Think about how your hiring practices can be adapted to give people with disabilities equal employment opportunities and equal opportunities to be trained, to learn and to contribute to Albania’s progress ”, concluded Leyla Moses-Ones./abcnews.al

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In a statement to the media, Berisha dropped serious accusations against the head of the KLP Gent Ibrahimi and the head of the KED, Ardian Dvorani.

According to Berisha, they are serving to the government to seize the justice system.

Excerpts from Berisha’s speech:

I want to emphasize that media have an important role to play, because  had rightly curved more than anything else in these 4 years at least 20 times more judicial reform than EU integration.

I only ask one question to Albanian and to the foreign in total of 320 judges, the one who violated the SP or DP meetings is just one, Ardian Dvorani mobster at SP meetings.

This militant judge has been blocking reforms for 2 years, integration for 2 years .Who can vote for a country that has no Supreme and Constitutional Courts?

So they held him hostage for two years until they brought Dvorani to be a leadership.

Is there a bigger insult for a country and what reform is it when the constitution defines taxation than any place for a constitutional court will be filled by having candidates giving them choices?

What the Capo Mafia does that turns the KED into a real cave?

Brings instead of 12 candidacies 4 and divides them 3 by 3 by repeating them in lists. Mechanization was just one of finding slaves who could obey us.

I have heard in the media but maybe also from the party that say  that the President will apprehend the court that it is itself at trial.

Venice in the last opinion expresses the opposite.

Parliament will do everything in its power to bring its position to justice./abcnews.al

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After the meeting President Meta is expected to hold with former President Berisha in the presidency, sources for abcnews.al announce that Meta will meet today at 5.30 pm the representatives of civil society organizations engaged in monitoring the implementation of justice reform.

It is learned that between these organizations will attend the meeting also representatives of the Open Society Foundation (SOROS) ./ abcnews.al

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Today is the 6th anniversary of the death of Sokol Olldashi.  The former DP deputy lost his life on November 20, 2013 while traveling by car from Elbasan to Tirana.

Meanwhile, friends have chosen social networks to remember Olldashi.

“It has been 6 years without you Koli, brother we miss you,” writes former MP Flamur Noka.

“Time is gone, longing for a memorable friend ,”says Eno Bozdo.

The leader of the Democratic Party, Astrit Patozi, does not leave behind the irony as he remembers  Olldashi.

We miss a lot … even  those who didn’t love you,” he writes.

Of course his brother feels the most his absence. Even Ardian Olldashi has chosen social media to share his message.

“It takes two men to make a brother,” he writes/abcnews.al

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The Court of Appeal for Serious Crimes has issued a “Prison Arrest” for Redjan Rraja.

The appeal upheld the first-instance verdict for Rraja arrested as the main suspect in the assassination attempt on prosecutor Arjan Ndoj and his two friends.

Rraja complained a few days ago about the measure given by Serious Crimes.

Meanwhile, the Appeal has today rejected his request, leaving him in jail again.

Redjan Rraja is the only one arrested as a suspect in the assassination attempt on Prosecutor, his driver Andi Maloku and Aleksander Laho.

The event happened the afternoon of November 1.

Prosecutor Rraja and his two friends were injured and 6 days after the assassination, Andi Maloku lost his life ./abcnews.al

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President Ilir Meta will meet today with Sali Berisha.

The head of state has called Berisha into office as a former president.

It is learned that the meeting will take place today at 12 noon. Meanwhile, Meta has also called in the meeting former Presidents, Alfred Mosiu, Bamir Topi and Bujar Nishani.

Yesterday Meta had a meeting with former head of state Rexhep Mejdani.

Meta’s meetings with the country’s former Presidents come because of the political crisis of the country./abcnews.al

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Tirana Prosecutor’s Office has sent a paperwork to the National Chamber of Notaries, where seeks to report every Kajmaku movement.

Journalist Glidona Daci reports for abcnews.al that in the Prosecution’s paperwork it is said that from 14.11.2019 every notary next to which Kajmaku appears to sign a power of attorney will be held liable if he doesnt notify the police immediately.

This paperwork  sent by the Tirana Prosecutor’s Office was distributed to all notary offices in the country./abcnews.al

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Provisional General Prosecutor Arta Marku has appealed the order of the CLC  to the Administrative Court of Appeal, after placing second on the list of candidates for General Prosecutor.

Sources for abcnews.al learn that Marku has asked the CLC  to make detailed scoring available for each member and each criterion.

Marku was second with 406 points, behind Olsian Cela with 459 points and Fatjona Memcaj with 362 points.

After the list is sent to parliament, the Assembly has 30 days to vote for the Prosecutor General./abcnews.al

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Internationalists continue to reiterate their request to the political parties in Albania in order to advance the reform and increase citizens’ confidence in the justice system.

This time the announcement comes from Swedish Foreign Minister Ann Linde, which was hosted at a meeting in Tirana by the acting minister for Europe and foreign affairs Gent Cakaj.

Sweden supports Albania in the process of joining the European Union but initially expects to see the conditions fulfilled.

Acting Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, Gent Cakaj was critical about the European Union and  regarding access to Kosovo.

Visit of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Sweden to Tirana it also comes within the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries./abcnews.al

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The  meeting of DP leader Lulzim Basha with EU Ambassador Luigi Soreca has finished.

The meeting was held in blue headquarters while the ambassador did not prefer to make statements to the journalists.

Journalist Juxhin Mustafaraj says the meeting lasted 30 minutes.  Meanwhile, the focus of the conversation has been on Electoral Reform.

In the meeting  was also  the leader of the DP working group on the Election, Oerd Bylykbashi.

The opposition draft is almost ready and will be presented next week.

This meeting also took place at a time when the majority has said that within this year will conclude its draft on Electoral Reform which must be agreed with all parties. / abcnews.al

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