So Nila14:45 | 25/02/2020

The Council of Ministers of the Republic of Albania has decided to open the General Consulate in Struga, in Northern Macedonia.

Acting Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, Gent Cakaj, via a Facebook post, has indicated that this decision is in line with the plan to strength the enhanced relationship of interaction with Albanians in the region.

The consular district of this center will include Struga, Ohri, Manastir, Kërcova, Diber, Gjevgjeli, Resnja/ the Lake Prespa region.

This consulate will have a special role in promoting further the economic, social and cultural relations between them and the Republic of Albania.

“We will continue to take new measures to strengthen the  relationship with Albanians and uplifting the Albanian factor in the region! ”writes Cakaj./abcnews.al

So Nila12:35 | 25/02/2020

Prime Minister Edi Rama stated that in cooperation with the World Health Organization have been taken measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

On the social network Twitter, Rama writes that coronavirus is not fought with politics.



“Coronavirus is not fought with politics, nor with science at all, either with fear and then panic!

We have been preparing  since it started to spread in close cooperation  with the World Health Organization.

We have done and are doing everything according to plan… ”./abcnews.al

So Nila15:40 | 24/02/2020

In a statement to the media, the DP leader have talked about the spreading of the coronavirus.

Basha also said that today is the time for doctors and specialists to speak.

“Today we have had meetings with the most important experts on epidemic diseases.

It needs to be drawn up a detailed plan with concrete measures.

Should be established a register of persons coming from endangered areas and also to be checked.

Our country has very good doctors and experts who have all the skills to manage the situation if it is given the necessary support.

I urge citizens please do not neglect any signs. The DP is monitoring the situation in every component of it, our duty is to serve to the citizens, stated Basha./abcnews.al

So Nila15:15 | 24/02/2020

The Special Court of Appeal has set the date for the first hearing session for Saimir Tahiri’s case.

Sources for ABC News said that the Court has decided to hold the hearing session on March 12 at 9:00 am.

Former minister seeks for innocence in Appeal, while prosecution convicts him for “narcotics trafficking” and “structured group”.

In the first instance Tahiri was convicted of “abuse of his duty”.

The former Serious Crimes Prosecutor demanded 8 years in prison for Tahiri while the court sentenced him to three years in prison probation./abcnews.al

So Nila12:10 | 24/02/2020

The political clash between the Presidency and the majority still continues.

Meanwhile, the President of the Republic, Ilir Meta has invites the citizens to attend the March 2 protest.

Today in the social network “Facebook”, Meta has announced the time at which the protest will be held, while stressing out that citizens must unite against the “coup”.

Dear citizens,

I invite you all on March 2, at 5:00 pm, on the Boulevard “Dëshmorët e Kombit” against the coup and the defense not only the integrity of the Constitutional Court and the Constitution, but to our own state, nation and national interest./abcnews.al

So Nila11:15 | 24/02/2020

Albania has gathered the Health Task Force at Rinas Airport.

The Minister of Health, Ogerta Manstirliu stated that there is no person infected by coronavirus in Albania.

The minister has made a warn on the media to avoid any misinformation about the case.

According to her, people should be informed only by official information provided by the ministry and the ISSH.

“We will be open, transparent about this event as we have done with other events such as the earthquake.

I would like to point out that Albania has so far no confirmed case of coronavirus.

We have communicated to you that the suspected cases have been analyzed by the public health institute and have resulted negative.

We have doubled measures on border traffic. We are at Rinas Airport, in the ports of Saranda, Vlora and Durres as well as at the land crossing borders.

We have monitored more than 4,500 passengers that have arrive.

The evaluation was done according to the parameters and guidelines of the World Health Organization. We are following the situation step by step.

I have signed the order to increase sanitary hygiene measures in the sanitary structures of nurseries, of university, schools and other measures that directly affect the health of the population.

The first point is to listen  the experts of the field ”, stated Manastirliu./abcnews.al

So Nila13:15 | 22/02/2020

After identifying the health situation with a community presence of coronavirus in Italy, Minister of Health and Social Protection Ogerta Manastirliu convened today the Task Force for the prevention, control and protection against the New Coronavirus.

After the discussions between experts and heads of institutions was decided the  reinforcement of measures at border crossings, providing an increased amount of personal protective equipment and strengthening and increase control to prevent COVID-19 coronavirus.

Task Force decided:

  1. Duplication of staff in Health Units at border crossings, airports, ports and land border crossings.
  2. Controls at border crossings, for each passenger that come from the geographical map of the places affected and defined by the WHO.
  3. Increased information and increased visibility of messages at border crossings
  4. Increasing the amount of personal protective equipment for all services, from border crossings, to hospital health facilities until to the level of laboratory diagnosis.

The Ministry of Health and Social Protection and Task Force on Prevention of Influenza and Spread of New Coronavirus RECOMMENDS  that all citizens who have traveled from affected countries to call the National Emergency Number 127 in case of any concern or clinical signs, without  going first to hospital./abcnews.al

So Nila10:40 | 22/02/2020

President Meta has reacted again on his social network “Facebook”, inviting the citizens once again that on March 2 should unite together in defense of the Constitution.

Meta points out that he is not surprised that Albania has taken steps behind.

Albania is again on the gray list of money laundering, from which wasn’t part of it since 2015.

The news was provided by MONEYVAL’s Financial Task Force (FATF), which is a permanent Council of Europe mechanism tasked with evaluating the implementation of standards in the fight against money laundering and organized crime./abcnews.al

So Nila15:55 | 21/02/2020

Justice Minister Etilda Gjonaj has responded to President Ilir Meta’s allegations.

Gjonaj calls all the accusations of the head of state baloney  while stressing out  that she is ready to go to SPAK.

In a post on social network Twitter, Minister Gjonaj states that she is ready to respond legally, with all her  responsibility/abcnews.al

So Nila15:20 | 21/02/2020

President Ilir Meta announced earlier that he would send Justice Minister Etilda Gjonaj to SPAK arguing that she has committed a number of violations by publishing in the Official Journal of the KED decision on the appointment of judges.

Meta stressed out at an urgent press conference that Gjonaj and the Ministry of Justice have no headline for publishing KED decisions in the Official Journal.

The president said the indictment would be submitted to the SPAK on Monday and urges the minister to resign./abcnews.al

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