So Nila14:19 | 28/01/2020

Two Chinese were detained at the Durres port three days ago. Sources for abcnews.al suggest that they have been passengers on a ferry from Italy.

The two people went under detailed tests and visits according to the relevant protocol and they have been proved clean. Then they  were allowed to continue their journey. It is learned that the Chinese were tourists and had been traveling across Europe for 3 months.

We remember that the virus has killed 106 people in China and affected thousands more./abcnews.al

So Nila11:58 | 28/01/2020

After Berlin, Prime Minister Edi Rama has headed to Brussels. The head of government will meet with European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, for the Donor Conference, which will be be held on February 17.

Rama, meanwhile, says he will meet Secretary General of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg tomorrow in the capacity of the President of the OSCE.

Meanwhile, yesterday Rama was in Berlin where he met with Chancellor Angela Merkel./abcnews.al

So Nila08:56 | 28/01/2020

Coronavirus is spreading rapidly in China, which has so far caused 106 deaths.

To talk about the tremendous situation in China, the Albanian journalist Edison Myrteza, who lives in Beijing was in a direct line to the “Morning Abc”.

Parts from the studio interview:

How can you live in China and not take the subway?

Beijing is too big, maybe because it’s Chinese New Year too – everyone’s coming home. There are not many people in the cities, if you want to use the subway you can use it, but it is better to save yourself.

Are Chinese people celebrating New Year meanwhile?

Unlike previous years, it has not been celebrated. Maybe in small countries they have tried to celebrate. But this year unlike other years has been very unenthusiastic  People are very scared.

I read a statement from our ambassador there, have you ever thought of coming back to Albania?

This question has been asked to me by hundreds people. I just came to Albania and it is probably impossible for me to move. After a few days we will probably start to work normally.

It is not known  the exact number of Albanians there. The Embassy does not have a database for Albanians and this thing had to be done many years ago.

The embassy says there are many Albanians doing business with China. The number is something portable like having or not having a database?

Yes of course, but the database should be for those who stay more than 6 months. It is not known, I can not say for an exact number but this had to be done many years ago.

Maybe the number of those affected may be much higher than the media says, but we have only the Chinese media which we can refer.

At Euronews I have seen a report where Chinese scientists are trying to figure out ways of transmitting and saying there is no mutation. Are they  working on this?

It was said in fact that it is mutated but now it is said no. There is no official confirmation of this yet. Maybe they want to make it a problem. Maybe the US president will help to ease tensions in both countries./abcnews.al


So Nila15:55 | 27/01/2020

Thumana, two months after the quake looks like a bombed place. The palaces that are still standing are completely deserted.

Along with fears and strong memories, family members lay flowers in memory of their loved ones.

The field between Thumana’s palaces is expected to be rehabilitated in the upcoming weeks and months but will never be kick by the foot of the boys and girls who lost their lives by the end of November 2019.

They hope that everything will be rebuilt.

On empty roads, lonely passers-by can hardly seek for hope. When the months are passing the only hope is that might be a strong hand that will give life to this land where unfortunately the “death” was planted./abcnews.al

So Nila14:13 | 27/01/2020

Prime Minister Edi Rama is in Berlin where he is holding a meeting with Chancellor Angela Merkel to talk  about the Donor Conference.

Prime Minister Rama has announced this yesterday on his social media.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Monday that she would seek the start of EU negotiations for Albania and Northern Macedonia in March.

“Above all, we want to reach an agreement at the next European Council in March to start the negotiations with Albania, and also with Northern Macedonia”, she told reporters in Berlin at a meeting with Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama.

“Both countries have achieved a lot,” she said. “Now we will work hard to achieve the desired results on Mars”./ abcnews.al

So Nila13:30 | 27/01/2020

After officially taking her duty and giving credentials letter to President Meta, the new US ambassador, Yuri Kim, has met with EU Ambassador Luigi Soreca.

Soreca says that he is ready to cooperate, specifically regarding the country’s EU integration, as he considers 2020  a crucial year for Albania.

“Welcome Yuri Kim! Ready to start working together to continue the fundamental EU-US partnership in Albania, in particular in the context of the country’s EU integration process.

2020 is a crucial year for the EU perspective of Albania, writes Soreca./abcnews.al



So Nila12:21 | 27/01/2020

President Ilir Meta has reacted through a status on facebook, after meeting with the new US Ambassador Yuri Kim.

“I was pleased to receive the credentials letter of the new US Ambassador, Ms. Yuri Kim.

US is a strategic partner, irreplaceable for Albania.

Together we can successfully afford the challenges that the country has. God bless the Albanian-American friendship! ” writes Meta.

The Presidency also announced in a press release the meeting of US Ambassador Yuri Kim with President Meta in the Presidency.

“The President of the Republic, Mr. Ilir Meta today in a meeting with the new US Ambassador, Mrs. Yuri Kim, on the occasion of presenting the credentials letter.”

President Meta congratulated Ambassador Kim and assured her that she will have full support in a successful realization of her mission in Albania, in the interest of strengthening the excellent relations between the two countries and peoples.

“The US is a strategic partner and irreplaceable for Albania. Together we can successfully afford the challenges that the country has ”, – stressed out the Head of State.

President Meta expressed his full commitment to strength Albania’s role, as a key factor for the stability of the region and its Euro-Atlantic orientation ”./ abcnews.al


So Nila10:48 | 27/01/2020

US Ambassador to Tirana Yuri Kim will go to the Presidency today . It is have been learned that the ambassador will present credentials letter to President Ilir Meta.

Meanwhile, at 11:45 PM Kim will give a introduction speech at the Embassy.

Yuri Kim arrived in Tirana as the U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of Albania on  22 January./abcnews.al

So Nila09:33 | 27/01/2020

President Ilir Meta commemorated Holocaust victims on International Remembrance Day.

The head of state says he is proud of his country that defended and welcomed thousands of Jews.

Meta’s message:

On International Remembrance Day, we commemorate millions of innocent victims of the heartless Holocaust atrocity and we hope that intolerance, coexistence, and violations of human rights and freedoms will never be repeated.

Two decades ago in the heart of Europe, unfortunately we witnessed massacres and ethnic and religious cleansing in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Kosovo.

Genocide and such inhumane acts against anyone belonging to a different religion, ethnicity or nationality, should never happen and should never be allowed again.

Proud of our nation that in the darkest period of mankind, protected and welcomed thousands of Jews coming from other countries./abcnews.al


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