So Nila15:17 | 11/12/2019

Prime Minister Edi Rama and Italian Foreign Minister Di Maio are at a joint press conference.

Rama expressed gratitude for the support  they have received from Italy.

“I would like to publicly reiterate my deepest gratitude to the Italian government and the Italian Civil Emergency Search and Rescue Corps for being the first to land in Albania.

With Italy, we have an exellent relationship. We discussed aspects of strategic partnership, Italy has been and remains one of the economic, trading partners and without any doubt the place that has never been spared to provide us support.

We have discussed both the reform of the justice system and the special unit on corruption ”, Rama said.

Further on, Prime Minister Rama said that Italy would support new legislation against the KCK.

“We discussed with the Minister the new legislation against the KCK and the special anti-corruption unit.

The minister has confirmed to me, Italy’s readiness to support not just technical assistance but also people on the ground, so concrete cooperation ”, Rama declared./abcnews.al

So Nila13:49 | 11/12/2019

The head of the Justice Appointments Council, Ardian Dvorani, remained in the Tirana Prosecutor’s Office for more than three hours.

He was questioned about the lawsuit that President Meta has made against him, regarding the election of members of the Constitutional Court.

At the exit, he responded to the interest of reporters who had been waiting for him at the door of the prosecution since 10:00.

Dvorani: I have explained the facts and circumstances of what happened and I have given my explanations of how things happened. I’m a judge and I can’t stay in the media. For this situation it is the prosecution that must take action.

Question: Mr. Dvorani are you aware of Meta’s compromising videos?

Dvorani: The investigation is not conducted in the media, but in the prosecution. I gave facts to the prosecutors how it happened and the explanation how it happened.

For video and so on, I can say that institutions and officials do not raise legal issues with long or short films. The evidence are shown near the institutions.

I’m a judge not a politician, I don’t have the electorate.

I calculate my position according to the Constitution of the country./abcnews.al

So Nila12:51 | 11/12/2019

A new director of AKEP has been appointed at the culminated  debate over online media law, he is Tomi Frashëri.

The decision has been taken by the government, and Frasheri will be voted on December 19 in the Assembly.

A few days ago,the head of the Electronic and Postal Communications Authority (AKEP), Ilir Zela, resigned.

In his resignation letter he says they are compelled by personal reasons.

While Tomi Frasheri has held the position of Chief of Protocol in the Prime Minister until now.

The appointment of a new director comes at a time when online media law is being debated, which has aroused much controversy.

Journalists’ associations still report to the Media Commission today that the government is trying to censor the media. AKEP and AMA are the two institutions that will play a key role in media management if this law opposed by journalists and the OSCE is voted in parliament. /abcnews.al

So Nila10:55 | 11/12/2019

The Chairman of the Council of Justice Appointments is presented today at the Tirana Prosecutor’s Office where he is being questioned over Meta’s lawsuit.

Mr. Ardian Dovrani goes to the prosecution the day after President Meta, who among other things said there is enough evidence to blame the head of the KED.

The lawsuit filed by the Presidency institution states that  Dvorani has misused the office and acquired the state title.

The conflict arose about a month ago over the election of members of the Constitutional Court.

Abcnews.al publishes arrival pictures, where it is clear that Dvoran behaves in a friendly manner, and smiles at reporters, which is not noticed in other public activities. /abcnews.al

So Nila15:44 | 10/12/2019

Prosecutor’s Office has issued a warrant for former DP deputy Salianji as well as Fredi Alizoti, Albert Veliu and journalist Jetmir Olldashi.

Prosecutor Kol Hysenaj has asked for 1 year and 6 months in prison for former DP MP Ervin Salianji, but will be sentenced to probation for 3 years.

According to the prosecutor, Fredi Alizoti appeared as his brother, former Minister Xhafaj, for a gain of 100,000 euros.

“The tapping is not original and the recordings are partial. Investigations showed that the voice in the video surveillance did not belong to Agron (Geron) Xhafaj. Ervin Salianji has made the acquaintance between Fredi Alizoti and Albert Veliu, ”the prosecutor stated at the session.

The prosecution has asked for one year in prison for Jetmir Olldashi, who is being converted to 200 hours of probation.

The prosecution has asked for three years for Fred Alizoti. Whereas for Albert Veliu (Babale) the prosecution requested 3 years and 6 months in prison.

Former MPs of the PD parliamentary group were also present at the session./abcnews.al

So Nila10:22 | 10/12/2019

The Independent Qualification Commission is dismissed today the Tirana Appellate Judge Fatri Islamaj.

The verdict was given by a panel of Pamela Qirko, Lulzim Hamitaj and Valbona Sandzaktari.

The judge himself did not take part in the session where the decision was made for him, but in the session were his friends, former prosecutor Antoneta Sevdari and judge Erjon Bani.

Fatri Islamaj is graduated from the School of Magistrates in 2003-2006 and started his career in the judicial system from the Fier Court. In 2010, he was transferred to the Tirana Court and three years later was appointed Chairman of the Court.

After three years in the Tirana Court, Fatri Islamaj was decreed by President Nishani as a judge of the Tirana Court of Appeal in 2016. During the year, Islamaj also served as a member of the Justice Appointments Council, selected by lot.

Problems with assets

Relator Valbona Sandzakatari, during a hearing session last week said that HIDAACI’s report on Judge Fatri Islamaj evidenced inaccurate declaration of assets and lack of legal sources.

Also according to the Inspectorate, Islamaj had made a false statement but was not in a conflict of interest situation.

The KPC’s investigation of Fatri Islamaj has focused on the purchase of a 144.5m2 apartment in Tirana as well as several car transactions, which were considered problematic.

Regarding the apartment, the Sandzaktari rapporteur said it was purchased in 2016 circle 84.000 euros 100% funded by Credins Bank.

“It appears from the investigation that the subject purchased the property at a preferential price and that he was favored by the bank in obtaining the loan, ”concluded Sandzaktari at the hearing session.

Making it clear from the outset that he would stop long in his explanations, Islamaj said that he owns a total net worth of 27.000 euros and that his income is circle 17.000 euros.

Islamaj disputed the Commission’s findings regarding the Tirana apartment. He said there is no preferential treatment, as the value per square meter is about 80 euros higher than the normale price.

He added that the apartment is not finished yet, as it has not decided to live there due to increased acoustic and environmental pollution.

He also disputed claims of preferential treatment by the bank, arguing that he had not considered any issues with this entity./abcnews.al

So Nila10:01 | 10/12/2019

During his visit in Brussels, Acting Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs Gent Cakaj held a meeting with Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias.

This meeting focused on the positive changes that have taken place in Albania, with particular emphasis on fulfillment the objectives by the General Affairs Council in June 2018 to enable the opening of EU membership talks, following the adoption of the new negotiation methodology.

The two counterparts also discussed a number of joint actions in function of repairing and reconstructing areas damaged by the earthquake.

In a Facebook reaction, Cakaj expressed special gratitude for Greece’s unwavering support for Albania from the first hours after the earthquake which is going on so far with strong commitment and concrete results./abcnews.al

So Nila09:46 | 10/12/2019

The Independent Qualification Commission declared today the decision for Judge Klodian Kurushi. The KPC decided to confirm on duty Serious Crime Judge Kurushi.

Klodian Kurushi is graduated from the School of Magistrates in 2001 and started his career in justice in Saranda Court. In November 2005, Kurushi was appointed judge of the Serious Crimes Court, a duty that he continues to perform even after 14 years.

He is also a lecturer at the Faculty of Law as well as an expert and trainer at the School of Magistrates.

Kurushi was evaluated for his figure and professionalism; the commission identified two findings regarding possible fictitious actions in obtaining a soft loan to which he gave explanations not considering them such as.

These findings were identified during the verification of an apartment owned by Kurushu with a surface of 79.8 m2 in Tirana, purchased in 2013 in total value 50.000 euros.

Kurushi has declared a loan with lending terms of 40.000 euros and income from work.

The loan resulted in not having yet been repaid  20.000 euros. In the contract of order, it is stated that the surface was 83.8 m2.

According to rapporteur Zhegu, Judge Kurushi explained that the difference was the common area deducted from the order contract.

For the first tranche of 50.000 euros and last 1300 euro no problem has been identified,and for the payment of the second tranche in the amount of 4.000 euros./abcnews.al

So Nila14:15 | 09/12/2019

The judge of the Serious Crimes Court (First Instance), Liljana Baku, has resigned.

She submitted his resignation to the Supreme Judicial Council on November 22, and has only been announced to the media today.

Judge Baku has dealt with several important issues, while remembering the “Tahiri” case.

About two years ago, she imposed a “house arrest” security measure on the former interior minister,while the prosecution had requested Tahiri prison./abcnews.al

So Nila10:31 | 09/12/2019

Nearly two weeks after the November 26 earthquake, students in Tirana, Durres, Vora and Kurbin returned to school today.

The teaching process in these cities began in all high schools. According to the data from the Ministry of Education, 30 schools in the Durres district were damaged by the November 26 earthquake.

School students, which were damaged will attend classes at other host schools.

The Ministry of Education has announced that it has taken steps to provide school students with earthquake-stricken serviles, to develop teaching at nearby schools, and it has been made proceedings for their transport.

According to the Ministry of Education, unrealized curriculum during these days of interruption will be replaced according to a calendar set by the local education offices.

Meanwhile the school “Bajram Curri” in Durres has resumed teaching process after a disruption due to the earthquake that hit the country.

“Bajram Curri” school is one of the buildings rated as unharmed by the earthquake, told for abcnews.al journalist  Andi Qosja.

At the 9-year school there are about 9,000 students who start the teaching process.

Pupils show that they are happy to be back in school.

After a nearly two-week absence, the learning process has already resumed and it is expected that a decision will be made  how the missing days will be replaced in the future./abcnews.al

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